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Field Track - 'Professional'

Farm enterprise facts available instantly!

No setting up required!

The simplest & fastest - We guarantee it!

Test drive free trial available here!

Makes record keeping & computers simple & fast!

FREE support & peer-to-peer communication.


Field Track is the foundation project for all the Field Track products. Download your free trial today and test-drive Field Track ‘Professional’ on your farming enterprise. Our unique trial system means you can take a 30 day, or extended trial to assure yourself Field Track is the right tool for you. We want you to have the opportunity to feel confident in Field Track and the many features provided to alleviate the ever growing recording requirements placed upon today’s farmers.

We have painstakingly developed Field Track to be extremely powerful, fast and simple to use. We are sure that this, as well as, our value pricing policy place us competitively with any alternatives and that you feel that investing in us to provide future enhancements and products to the agricultural community worthwhile. Customer satisfaction is our chief priority.

Please take the time to review all of Field Track’s features within these pages. You can download all versions of Field Track to be sure which one suits you best.

Field Track has been specifically designed for both the novice computer user, as well as the more advanced computer guru. Whether you are a novice, or an advanced user Field Track has something to offer you and your farm management.

The novice user will appreciate the ease with which you can quickly learn to use Field Track and at the same time the ease in which you can extract useful information. All Field Track development is very much keyed to 'simplicity'.

As an advanced user you will be pleased at the speed Field Track can enter data, display this information, as well as user interaction to provide the information just as you want it. No other related software tool has the power of Field Track in displaying your information and reporting functions. Not only this but our commitment to a quality service in both support and upgrades is second to none.

All updates to Field Track are totally free, so you can be assured of no hidden costs. The latest version is only a download away at any time of day, or night from here!

See why our customers make Field Track one of the most recommended applications in this field by downloading the fully working demo today and trying it yourself!

  • Unmatched Simplicity & Value!
  • Unlimited fields, or records.
  • Only the best & most stable development tools used.
  • Detailed and complete help files.
  • Unique Dual Display.
  • Unique Interactive display grids - design the screen layout you want.
  • Record seed, fertiliser, chemical costs & more!
  • Fixed Costs reality check option.
  • Record main income, secondary and misc. incomes.
  • Harvest & (batch) dryer records.
  • Store picture files.
  • Diary and To-Do records.
  • Application Planner system.
  • Advanced batch processing and application mix controls.
  • Build lists of commonly used text, or products.
  • Handy reference 'price' database.
  • Record equipment & storage information (Covers ACCS).
  • Fully supports ACCS, LERAPS, NVZ's & COSHH requirements.
  • ACCS grain storage records.
  • Maintains field "Gross Margins".
  • Displays "Costs/Tonne" & "GM/Tonne".
  • Useful area measurement comparisons.
  • Store soil sample information.
  • Cropping history.
  • Spread costs over several years.
  • Quick & detailed information searches.
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Free support & *FREE updates! (*Internet Only).
  • Expandable reports (includes over 100).
  • Liaison Chemical Database Integration. (CSL customers only)
  • 30 Day Demonstration.

Simply The Best @ The Right Price
Keeping things simple is a Field Track priority. Our simplicity and power is borne out in our ultra low cost support options. No setting up required. Add your fields and starting entering your information straight away. No need to create and populate stock items. No necessity to tell Field Track anything. Recording bliss is only moments away!

Unlimited Potential & Stabilityadvanced2
All the power and ability of competing systems.  Field Track uses the best developments available to present the fastest and most stable solution for your farm. When it counts, you can rely on Field Track! Only the best, most stable database engine has been used within Field Track, so you can be confident your data is as safe as it can be. Field Track requires no system files to be installed. This means as soon as Windows is working, so is Field Track.

1000’s, even 1,000,000’s of fields and records, with multiple back-up procedures you can depend upon. All this in a package of ultra stability, fault tolerance. Simplicity in nature and your choice.

All The Help You Want
Field Track
was designed to not require the reading of a manual. This does not mean we did not furnish you with the best manual available and in many different formats. From our online and download-able helpfile to our printable PDF manual. From detailed explanations of every menu and button, to simple walkthrough ‘How-to’ sections. You are never left without all of our expert assistance throughout. From getting you started, free upgrades to creating a report to your requirements. With Field Track you have a dedicated support infrastructure, as well as a well developed software applications you can depend upon.

Record It All
From seed, chemical, fertiliser to misc. and fixed costs and much more. Field Track records it all for your easy retrieval and instant enterprise review. There is nothing you cannot record! Soil sample information, harvest records, pricing database, detailed product information, ACCS storage records, diary, pictures, the list of possibilities is endless! With Field Track as your recording companion, you will always be totally informed about your farming enterprise.

Advanced & Unique Batch Control & Application MixingBatch1
Using true simplicity to provide the most powerful batch and tank mixing features, Field Track presents the fastest data entry system on the market. From a standing start, no other field recording package can enter as much information, as simply and as fast as Field Track! Batch apply to many fields across different dates, times and weather conditions. Apply complex tank mixing spanning various cost types. Mix seed, chemical, misc. and fixed costs all in the same ‘mix’. Alternatively apply one product to one field. Simplicity and power in your hands and with a guaranteed ease!

Gross Margins & Costs/Tonne
The heart of any good recording system is the ability to present your figures. Field Track excels here, as all your key information is presented to you instantly, as soon as you start Field Track. No reports are required to know the situation on each of your fields, or enterprises. Costs/Tonne and margins converted to other area measurements are always instantly available. Entering your information into Field Track is fast but in presenting your data back to you, Field Track has no equal!

Unique Interactive Display & Dual ScreensStandard
Unique to Field Track are the interactive information grids and the dual interface that suits either the novice, or advanced customer. Field Track provides your information the way you want it. You advanced1decide how best to use Field Track. Build ad-hoc displays, compare varieties, enterprises, or seasons easily with Field Track’s ‘Advanced’ interface. Drill-down costs by chemical type, or problem. Display results on a graph for easy visualisation. Only Field Track provides this level of user interaction in such a bullet-proof and affordable package.

Expandable Reports
With over 100 reports already at your finger tips, Field Track also includes an expandable report system, so even more reports can be downloaded to further enhance your field recording. All reports were created in Field Track ‘Professional’, which means anyone with the ‘Professional’ version of Field Track can share their report designs.

Free Support & Free Updates!
No other product offers such value. FREE support, should you need a helping hand. Never be without the latest version. Only a download away and totally free! Your purchase of Field Track is a guaranteed investment you can rely upon day after day and year after year.

Unique 365 Day Refund Policy!
Only Field Track comes with a free-to-download demonstration, so you can sure it is right for you, as well as, a further guarantee of satisfaction for 365 days after your purchase? Only we are confident you will enjoy using Field Track. Test our simplicity, speed, ease, support and whole customer promise while you test-drive Field Track on your farm and everyday after your purchase for a whole year. That is a whole season!

Download Demonstration
We want you to be 100% sure Field Track will assist you in your farming enterprise that we will let you download Field Track now and use it on your farm today. Test-drive one of the simplest crop recording packages you will ever find. We give you a whooping 30 day test and we can extend this if you so wish - just give us a call. See if anyone else will let you test their software as long as we will, as well as guarantee it for a further 365 days!


Extra features - calculators, report writers, field measuring...!

The best features made even better!

FREE support & peer-to-peer communication.

Test drive free trial here!

Serious about crop recording - Field Track ‘Professional’ is the only way to go!


If Field Track ‘Lite’ is the foundation project for all the Field Track products then Field Track ‘Professional’ is the icing on the cake! Field Track ‘Professional’ takes all the great features and makes them even more remarkable. Using all the best tools; development system, database engine, reporting solution and presentation grids, Field Track is built on some of the best equipment available.

Whether you want to design great reports, knock off a quick ad-hoc printout directly from the screen, check out your yearly averages, calculate product requirement quantities, measure your fields, check the latest satellite weather images ,or create a detailed sprayer plan for tomorrow, Field Track ‘Professional’ has all the tools you could ever wish for in one powerful and stable application.

Field Track ‘Professional’ gives you the power to make Field Track ‘Professional’ as simple, or as detailed as you require. Field Track ‘Professional’ is part of the Field Track User Club which is a yearly subscription service that provides Newsgroup support facilities, further product support and a greater number of features within Field Track to assist in your crop recording.

Please take the time to review the features of Field Track and see which version is best for you. If you wish to test-drive, or discuss the finer points of Field Track ‘Professional’ then please do not hesitate to contact us today, as we take great pleasure is presenting farmers with powerful and uniquely designed solutions. When you have dedicated so much time and painstakingly developed software, as we have, then you will appreciate the enthusiasm we have in presenting Field Track to you.


Field Track ‘Professional’ comes with all the great features you expect and a whole lot more besides:

Got An Image? We Can Measure ItMap1
Field Track
‘Professional’ now includes the beautifully simple Field Track - Map Measure system directly within your favourite crop recording solution for quick and easy access. Using any image file, you can effectively measure areas of land with ease.

A picture is worth a 1000 words
Satellite weather image reports are abound on the Internet. Step Field Track up to download and display your favourite satellite image of the impending weather.

Forecast & Plan
Field Track ‘Professional’
makes a complex and tiresome task a breeze. Planning next year’s cropping and forecasting possibly future returns can be done with ease using these tools.

Enterprise Review
Enterprise1After spending all year entering in your information, it is sometimes useful to review what it all might mean. Easily compare crop varieties to determine the best cropping. Enterprise Review makes comparing crops, varieties, holdings and more simply a few mouse clicks away.

Year-On-Year Averaging
Farming is never that simple, so it is handy to compare enterprises across years, so you can take an average. Compare like for like through good and bad times for a balanced picture. Crunching the numbers is what computers were designed to so!

Chronological Records
This is an extremely powerful tool that not only details all your information in chronological order but also provides an interactive grid display you can design just the information you want, the way you want it. The chronological record display is ideal for exporting your information to PDA devices and spreadsheets.

Unique Interactive Display Gridsadvanced2
Powerful software is all about presenting information to the user quickly and eloquently. Field Track goes one step further and provides you with the ability to design your screen layouts. Display as much, or as little information to suit your needs. Colour code your display grids for easy recognition. Group and sort information for better management feedback. Design information into quick ad-hoc reports for easy printing. Only the ‘Professional’ version of Field Track provides all these features. From quick printouts you design on screen to sharing your screen layouts and grid designs with other Field Track users. The unique way Field Track calculates your figures, so you are aware of all the management information you need, as soon as you start Field Track and the unique and powerful way this is presented makes Field Track one of a kind and a pleasure to use. Ask any of our customers!

Product Stock ControlStockInv
Field Track
‘Professional’ includes a beautifully simple and uniquely functional stock controlling system provides such features as; price averaging, multiple stock locations, as well as, multiple stock items. Using a simple procedure it is easy to set up stock items with the minimum of fuss but provide a solution to a rather uniquely complex situation. A farms’ stock control is quite a complicated beast. Multiple stores, farms and not to mention the user’s need to sometimes have items priced differently. Add to this the fact that farmers do not simply end one year and start another on a single day. Very complicated, however a task easily managed by the application of a rule often used while developing Field Track - Keep It Simple Stupid. For every problem there is always a simple, sometimes awe inspiring, solution. Field Track is built on such building blocks. Our stock control is one of these.

Fertiliser Nutrient Analysis
Fertiliser nutrients are stored in all versions of Field Track, however only ‘Professional’ customers can have this information displayed in such a way to present the much needed running total nutrient analysis for each field.

Import/Export Options With Any Computer System!
Field Track
is fully loaded with the most complete import and exporting system. Export your information to spreadsheets, PDF files and many more. Exported information will work with any computer system, so is ideal for PDAs. Field Track uses commonly used computer standards, so your information will work with any other computer. The Field Track ‘Application Planner’ takes this further, as Field Track can import a veritable list of common file types, allowing you to both export and import to and from any computer system. Create worksheets in your living room, or take a stock list out on the farm and return a stock take all with your PDA - whichever make iReport1t might be. No special tools required!

Fully Integrated Report Writer
Report writing software is expensive. It is extremely rare to see a full-bore report writer solution ever included in software packages! Field Track ‘Professional’ includes an industry standard report creation tool. In fact all the reports provided with Field Track were created in the ‘Professional’ version.

Import Agronomy Records
Field Track ‘Professional’
will import information from your agronomist if they use any of the following programs: Farmade, Muddy Boot and Fieldman. Field Track will import any agronomyCalc1 file if it is configured as a Farmade ‘Work Planner’ file.

Useful Calculators
From product quantity requirements to filling your sprayer tank, Field Track ‘Professional’ has a calculator to suit you. From the simple to the complex: Fertiliser & fertiliser price compare. Fertiliser use. Chemical tank calculator. Weights and measures.


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