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Field Track - Products

Field Track products are specifically designed and developed by a working farmer. Taking onboard personal requirements, as well as those requested by all our customers and testers, we feel that the Field Track product range offers a wealth of stability and features unlike any other product. Many of our products are available as free trials, as we are sure you would wish to test drive Field Track on your farm. Download our free trials today with our compliments.

Charles Collinson, as a working farmer, computer consultant and developer, has used his experience in both farming and computers to present agricultural software in a new and rewarding style. Making Field Track ideal for both the novice, as well as, the more advanced computer user.

Field Track has grown from a simple idea of supplying cost effective solutions for farmers to providing unprecedented abilities in information input and retrieval, as well as, an exceptionally simple and powerful set of applications.

Find a faster, more powerful, more stable, simpler application for the price and we will happily give you a refund. This is how confident we are that Field Track ‘does what it says on the tin.’


“I wrote Field Track, as a simple entry application for farmers. I do not believe learning a computer by ‘doing your accounts’ is the best way to master a computer. Field records, on the other hand, is more forgiving and something all farmers can relate to. If you enjoy your computer and learn to ‘fiddle’ with its use without getting your hands bitten off then you will soon become an accomplished computer user.”

“I developed Field Track for our own farm use. With my extensive years with computers and my need for them to be useful to me, I found many programs were ‘by the book’, difficult to use and slow at providing the information I needed in a fashion I could easily relate to. It was not long before others thought my ideology was the same as theirs.”

“Software development is a fascinating challenge full of conflict, compromise and requirement. Moulding everyone’s perceptions into a work of art, as I class all my development work, is not an easy task. After you have been looking at the end result long enough you can become very blinkered. It is here where I must place a heartily thanks to my test team and customers alike, who have kept the focus of Field Track on an even kneel. It can be said that Field Track is truly designed and developed by farmers.”

“Please take the time to try Field Track on your farm. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will walk you through any questions you may have. I designed Field Track for you, just as much as I did it for myself. Field Track has taken many years of knowledge and experiences to grow into what you see today. Many of the cool features have never changed, as their creation is as good today, as it was when I initially thought of them. Goods ideas are always good ideas!”

“I design several software applications for a very diverse customer base. All my projects follow the same principles of making life easier for the end user: You and me. My reward is making your lives easier, while saving you time and money. I enjoy and welcome the many compliments I receive about my work, which reminds me daily that my ideas are still built on sound foundations and are as workable today, as they were in the past.

Thank you for all your support.”

Charles Collinson


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