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Field Track - 'Lite'

Totally 100% FREE!

Guaranteed access to your data on any computer system.

No need to purchase!


Once you have downloaded and installed Field Track you can register Field Track online to gain access to a demonstration version, after which Field Track reverts to a limited but functional ‘Lite’ version, which will operate indefinitely and is totally, 100% FREE, with our compliments!

We have specifically and painstakingly developed Field Track to be extremely powerful, fast and simple to use. We hope that this, as well as, our value pricing policy place us competitively with any alternatives and that you feel that investing in us to provide future enhancements and products to the agricultural community worthwhile. Customer satisfaction is our chief priority.

If we have been unsuccessful in fulfilling your aspirations, then you are welcome to use Field Track, in a somewhat limited fashion, with our compliments in the hope that we provide you with a better solution at some future date. We are so confident that our ideas on software design have the right balance of usability, simplicity, power and value, that one day Field Track will improve to a juncture perfectly suited to your farming enterprise and your preference. That maybe not today, but tomorrow.

If you feel we have missed the mark, or have any queries about any of our products, then be sure to contact us, so we may discuss these with you and update Field Track to your requirements, as we have done with many our of customers in the past.

Field Track ‘Lite’ is primarily designed so that existing customers have instant access to their information should a computer failure result in the reinstallation of Field Track on a new computer, or operating system version. If this occurs then please use the registration procedure to gain a new licence. In the interim you can use Field Track ‘Lite’ to access your farm and crop records.


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