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Field Track

The most unique, cost effective & simplest by design!

Speed! Stability! Power!


Enter field & crop information within seconds!

No setting up required!

The best features made simpler, faster & better!

The ONLY product with a cast-iron confidence policy!

We are sure you will not find a better, faster, simpler, more powerful product for the same price, offering as many features and with as an effective backup support, we will guarantee it!


Field Track started life called ‘Field Base’ and was for our own use sometime between 1993 and 1995. Field Track was written for the Amiga computer back then.

In 1997 agriculture and the Internet met with services like ‘Farming On-Line’ and ‘Farmers Weekly Interactive’. Computers in farming were at a boom but many existing programs maintained a difficult user-interface, high purchase cost and restrictive support plans. For this very reason ‘Field Base’ was given a complete rewrite and renamed for the PC. Field Track was born.

Field Track was, and still is, an ideological creation to allow farmers a cost effective and simple introduction into computers. It does not brake the bank and provides a vehicle to learning a computer, as complex and extremely important account packages are not, in our opinion, an ideal way into computerisation.

Over 10 years later and Field Track has expanded into an extremely powerful option compared with expensive and complex alternatives.

Field Track has never relinquished the lofty goal of providing you with a competitive, simple and yet powerful field and crop recording solution.

Please take the time to review all the powerful features Field Track has to offer. The best way to appreciate the full scope of unique features Field Track accommodates, test-drive our downloadable trial on your farm; with your enterprise costs now! The proof is in the eating...


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