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Field Track - Dryer Control

~30% & More Efficiency Improvements!*

More Grain Throughput For The Same Fuel & Time!*

Massive Time Savings - Let The Computer Do The Work!


Is your dryer fundamentally flawed?

How many of you use the ‘manual’ control of your dryer?

Think you can beat a correctly programmed computer?


Bold statements and questions. As a dryer operators ourselves, we feel we can possibly push our relationship by asking these questions and making you question your knowledge of how a dryer work. Drying grain is a time consuming and often forgotten ‘art’ of averages at a very busy time of year.

Sadly the reality is that most computer programmers are not very good grain dryer operators and do not fully understand the interactions between reality and the theory of grain drying. Combine this with the need to work closely with and understand the law of averages, as well as, deal with speed and time demands on a modern farm. It is easy to see why embedded computer controllers are woefully incapable of drying grain, or that some manufacturers simply have not bothered.

Our experience led us to believe that most, if not all, continuous dryer manufacturers have made fundamental errors in their embedded controller computations. Talking with other dryer operators it seems no continuous dryer seems to have a very well written controlling system. As dryer operators and farmers we could get no one to listen to our concerns, needs and solutions. So we decided to develop our own solution. The Field Track - Dryer Control. In truth no development is ever finished, however the Field Track - Dryer Control successfully runs our dryer system as we expected it to do and far better than any other dryer controller we are aware of. All using simple logic, with a little dryer operator know-how and at no time using observational tables with which to make a control decision.

In developing our program and listening to other operators with a variety of continuous dryers, it became obvious that for some reason programmers had made some basic errors in understanding what is at play within a dryer. Some had even compromised the basic theory, which resulted is a failure to actually dry grain. It has been an interesting exercise learning and developing the Field Track - Dryer Control.

Most continuous dryer operators will be aware of the time required to maintain the efficient operation of a continuous dryer. This time is extremely expensive and wasteful when you consider that the calculation to monitor the grain and operate the dryer is quite simple, yet missed, or ignored by all the continuous dryer, and even some third party, controllers we have seen.

The variables at play within your continuous dryer are truly staggering. As a dryer operator you are probably blissfully unaware of the maths your sub-conscience has to deal with that makes your skill quite rare. It would be nice to think a computer could do the same, however sadly it cannot. If a computer had control of all of the variables then it might be possible, however some variables are simply not in the realms of control. With limited control people seem to have looked high and low for the answer and have either given up, or made things too complex and butchered the underlying theory.

    • Grain Moisture.
    • Burner Temperature.
    • Air-flow.
    • Air Bleed.
    • Discharge Speed.
    • Grain Movement Speed.
    • Soft/Hard Grain.
    • Grain Variety.
    • Grain Temperature.
    • Time.

The Field Track - Dryer Control was created not as a single-button solution to an extremely complex problem but to present the dryer operator with the correct drying theory, in a package that would take the operators’ knowledge and drive the dryer to the operators’ demands and requirements, regardless of the input moisture. The result is a more efficient, faster and less time demanding dryer - the dryer you always wanted!


A few dryer myths/statements:

  • A continuous dryer is a averaging tower - TRUE
  • A continuous dryer cannot deal with variations of input moisture greater than 3% - FALSE
  • You need to know the grain moisture at the dryer top for accurate control - FALSE
  • Continuous dryers can never be left for long - FALSE
  • All continuous dryers use a different drying theory - FALSE
  • Any control change you make affects the whole dryer tower - TRUE
  • Less control sampling is better than more control sampling - FALSE
  • Static grain dries faster than moving grain - FALSE
  • Airflow within a dryer is extremely important - TRUE
  • Time is the most important variable in the drying operation - TRUE
  • Most people do not understand the basic theory - TRUE

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Field Track - Dryer Control is a specialised computer development that drives your dryer to your requirements. Using your existing controller system*** the Field Track - Dryer Control plugs directly into the embedded computer and simply replaces the manned operator. All existing safe guards remain in place and instead of wasting your time constantly watching the dryer, the computer will adhere to the fundamental theory behind drying grain, as well as sprinkling in a little operator know-how to produce a dryer that faithfully follows your instructions, maintains the dryer at optimum capacity and keeps you in the picture as to what has happened in your absence. Field Track - Dryer Control monitors your dryer and makes a decision every second. That is 3600 possible changes an hour! As a dryer operator, you simply cannot match this. Leave your dryer for minutes, or hours and regardless of input moisture, your set temperature will have been maintained and the output moisture will only vary slightly. **

The Field Track - Dryer Control takes advantage of the law of averages and with precise control of your dryer makes a major difference to workflow and your time. Your time is now free for others tasks - hours at a time, without fear of worrying about the control of your dryer. The Field Track - Dryer Control will not exceed your settings and will maintain the dryer in continuous motion every second, minute and hour of the day sustaining your set grain temperature to produce evenly dried grain. Now that your dryer operation is free from requiring your constant time, further improvements are possible. For example working during the night-time with the confidence that everything will be working as you directed it.

On a modern farm time management of skilled personnel and cost cutting is at a premium. If you could dry 30+% more grain with no additional time, or operational cost requirements, as well as, do this with a near zero involvement from staff - how much would that be worth to your farming operation? The Field Track - Dryer Control was designed out of our need to resolve this very issue, as the alternative was unworkable and extremely expensive.

The Field Track - Dryer Control comes with a detailed manual, which explains, in great detail, the theory of drying grain and how to aid in improving this on your dryer. With The Field Track - Dryer Control and our knowledge we can turn your dryer into one of the best and most efficient dryer systems in the world!


Field Track - Dryer Control:

  • 30% + Possible gains in throughput.
  • Existing safety features remain in place.
  • Existing control methods are maintained. ***
  • Operator limits managed. (Max. & min. discharge speeds for example.)
  • Complete operator free control for extended periods.
  • Review past actions in quick visual graphs.
  • Track tonnage throughout. (Requires calibration.)
  • Detailed Help Manual.
  • Free Upgrades. (Internet only.)

Compatible Grain Dryers:

Kentra (All models to date)
Direct connection options considered.

Dryer manufacturers: If you are interested in making your dryer as efficient and as fast as possible using controller code that works then contact us and we can look at adding your dryer to our list.

Interested in making your dryer sing a faster, more efficient tune, then contact us now, so we can demonstrate THE SOLUTION!

Coming Soon!

Free Download eBook:

“Is Your Dryer Flawed?” By Charles Collinson

Watch this space!

A detailed download-able eBook that will be of interest to all dryer operators. Compare the control of your dryer to the theory and learn about the complexities of drying grain and how those in search of a single dial/button solution simply do not understand that the reality is not stacked in their favour.

The Field Track - Dryer Control does not purport to be the final solution to this timeless problem, however it is currently the best solution, as it is the only program that uses basic theory to provide the dryer operator with a much simplified solution and the simple theory is not compromised to cope with reality, nor is the theory limited by false restrictions only seen in controllers which seem to have missed the obvious.

How much is your time worth to you?

Less wasted time!

Less operational stress!

Produces an unmatched dryer system for efficiency!


*  Based on experienced operator observations using the “Auto” control system.
** Assumes grain type and variety do not alter.
Kentra dryers only (currently)

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